Activated PEGs for Amine PEGylation

JenKem Technology manufactures numerous PEGs for amine PEGylation. JenKem Technology’s NHS PEGs are categorized as PEG NHS Esters with stable linkers (such as Y-NHS, M-SCM, M-SPA, M-SBA, M-SHA, M-SGA, M-SSA, MPEG2 LYS NHS); PEGs with carbonate linker (such as M-SC); and degradable PEGs with cleavable NHS linker (such as M-SS and M-SG). JenKem Technology’s carboxy PEGs are more stable than M-PEG-SCM and can be activated. Sterically bulky Y-shape NHS PEGs facilitate the single point attachment to sterically available amines.

Amine PEGylation products with molecular weights, branching, and functional groups not listed in our online catalog may be available by custom synthesis. Please inquire at about pricing and availability of custom activated PEGs for amine PEGylation.
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Linear NHS PEGs with Cleavable Linker
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Succinate
PEG (Succinimidyl Succinate)2
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Glutarate
Linear Carbonate PEGs
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Carbonate
Methoxy PEG Nitrophenyl Carbonate
Y-shaped Branched NHS PEGs with Stable Linker
Y-Shape PEG NHS Ester
U-shaped Branched NHS PEGs with Stable Linker
Linear Monosaccharide NHS PEGs with Stable Linker
Galactose PEG NHS Ester
Glucose PEG NHS Ester
Linear Methoxy NHS PEGs with Stable Linker
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Carboxymethyl
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Propanoate
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Butanoate
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Hexanoate
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Succinamide
Methoxy PEG Succinimidyl Glutaramide
Y-shaped Branched Carboxy PEGs
Y-Shape PEG Carboxyl
Linear Carboxy PEGs
Methoxy PEG Acetic Acid
Methoxy PEG Propanoic Acid
Monodisperse Methoxy PEG Propionic Acid
Methoxy PEG Butanoic Acid
Methoxy PEG Hexanoic Acid
Linear Homobifunctional PEGs for Amine PEGylation
carboxyl peg carboxyl
Monodisperse PEG di-carboxyl
Monodisperse PEG di-Propionic acid
Linear Heterobifunctional PEGs Functionalized with Carboxyl or NHS
Heterobifunctional Carboxyl PEGs and NHS PEGs
Multiarm Homofunctional PEGs Functionalized with Carboxyl or NHS
Multiarm Homofunctional PEGs
Multiarm Heterobifunctional PEGs Functionalized with Carboxyl or NHS
Multiarm Heterobifunctional PEGs

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