Homobifunctional PEGs

JenKem Technology homobifunctional PEG derivatives have numerous applications as cross-linkers, including for PEGylation of proteins and peptides, or nanoparticle and surface modifications. Homobifunctional PEG derivatives have the general structure: X―PEG―X, where X is a functional or reactive group. JenKem homobifunctional PEG products with molecular weights and functional groups not listed in our online catalog may be available by custom synthesis. Please inquire at tech@jenkemusa.com about pricing and availability of custom homofunctional PEGs. Bulk PEGs and GMP PEGs are also available upon request. Please contact us for special bulk pricing.
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Amine PEGylation Homobifunctional PEGs
carboxyl peg carboxyl
Carboxyl PEGylation Homobifunctional PEGs
amine peg amine (hcl salt)
Thiol PEGylation Homobifunctional PEGs
thiol peg thiol
maleimide peg maleimide
vinylsulfone peg vinylsulfone
tosylate peg tosylate
Click Chemistry Homobifunctional PEGs
Photoreactive Homobifunctional PEGs
acrylate peg acrylate
3ARM, 4ARM, 6ARM, and 8ARM Homofunctional PEGs
multi-arm PEGs


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