Activated PEGs for N-terminal PEGylation

JenKem Technology’s aldehyde PEGs are reactive PEGs towards the N-terminal amine. Methoxy PEG Propionaldehyde is an N-terminal amine reactive PEG that reacts at pH 5-8 in the presence of a reducing reagent. M-ALD-20K is a PEG raw material for biosimilars of Pegfilgrastim.
Y-shape PEGs facilitate the single point attachment to N-terminal amine containing molecules, due to their sterically bulky structure. Y-shaped Propionaldehyde PEG is a reactive PEG for N-terminal amines in the presence of a reducing reagent at pH 5-8; less selective but more reactive compared with Y-AALD-40K. Y-shaped Acetaldehyde PEG is also an N-terminal amine reactive PEG in the presence of a reducing reagent at pH 5-8; less reactive but more selective compared to linear PEG aldehydes.

N-Terminal PEGylation products with molecular weights, branching, and functional groups not listed in our online catalog may be available by custom synthesis. Please inquire at about pricing and availability of custom N-Terminal PEGylation products.

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Y-shaped Branched Acetaldehyde PEGs
Y-Shape PEG Acetaldehyde
Y-shaped Branched Propionaldehyde PEGs
Y-Shape PEG Propionaldehyde
Linear Aldehyde PEGs
Methoxy PEG Aldehyde
Heterobifunctional PEGs Functionalized with Propionaldehyde
Heterobifunctional Aldehyde PEGs


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