PEG Raw Materials

JenKem Technology ‘s PEG raw materials (PEG hydroxyl or PEG alcohol) are suitable for activation into PEG derivatives. Very high quality PEGs with very low polydispersity. Methoxy PEGs have and low or no diol content.

JenKem PEG raw materials are sold in bulk without purification after polymerization. Please contact us at for inquiries on the availability of purified or research grade PEG raw materials.

JenKem Technology also provides PEG GPC Calibration Standard kits for linear methoxy PEGs and 4arm PEGs, with MW of 2kDa, 5kDa, 10kDa, 20kDa and 40kDa. JenKem Technology’s PEG GPC standards have narrower polydispersity and more accurate molecular weights compared to other PEG standards on the market. The molecular weights of JenKem PEG standards are determined by MALDI-TOF while the polydispersity of JenKem PEG standards is determined by GPC.