8ARM-PEG Derivatives (hexaglycerol core)

JenKem Technology’s 8arm star PEGs (hexaglycerol core) are synthesized by ethoxylation of hexaglycerol (8ARM PEG). 8arm (TP) PEG products with tripentaerythritol core are also available. The number of ethylene oxide units in the PEG chain may not be equal for all arms. The total molecular weight reported for the JenKem multi-arm PEGs is the sum of the molecular weights of all arms.
Multi-arm star PEG products with molecular weights and functional groups not listed in our online catalog may be available by custom synthesis. Please inquire at tech@jenkemusa.com about pricing and availability. Bulk PEGs and GMP PEGs are available upon request. Please contact us for special bulk pricing.


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