Thiol PEG Succinimidyl Propionate


PEG products with additional MW may be made to order, please contact us for details


High quality Thiol PEG Succinimidyl Propionate with a standard quality specification of ≥ 90% Substitution.

Heterobifunctional Thiol PEG Succinimidyl Propionate, NHS Ester, products from JenKem Technology are generally employed as crosslinking agents or as spacers between two different chemical entities. The PEG moiety in the heterofunctional PEG derivatives provides water solubility, biocompatibility, and flexibility. Applications are especially geared towards the development of conjugates, such as gold nanoparticle – antibody conjugates.

Heterobifunctional PEGylation reagents with molecular weights, branching, and functional groups not listed in our online catalog may be available by custom synthesis. Please inquire at about pricing and availability of custom PEGs. Bulk PEGs and GMP grade PEGs are made-to-order. Please contact us for bulk pricing.


1. Li, H., et al., Combination of active targeting, enzyme-triggered release and fluorescent dye into gold nanoclusters for endomicroscopy-guided photothermal/photodynamic therapy to pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, Biomaterials, 2017.

2. Yue, Q., et al., An EGFRvIII targeted dual-modal gold nanoprobe for imaging-guided brain tumor surgery, Nanoscale, 2017.

Founded in 2001 by experts in PEG synthesis and PEGylation, JenKem Technology specializes exclusively in the development and manufacturing of high quality polyethylene glycol (PEG) products and derivatives, and related custom synthesis and PEGylation services. JenKem Technology is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, and adheres to ICH Q7A guidelines for GMP manufacture. The production of JenKem® PEGs is back-integrated to in-house polymerization from ethylene oxide, enabling facile traceability for regulated customers. JenKem Technology caters to the PEGylation needs of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics, and emerging chemical specialty markets, from laboratory scale through large commercial scale.

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