JenKem Technology Presents 3D Printing Poster at 2018 SFB

3D Printing of PEG Hydrogel Scaffolds Using Novel Low Toxicity Photoinitiator abstract from JenKem Technology was accepted at the 2018 SFB meeting for presentation in poster #540.

With the introduction of the concept of biological manufacturing, the application of 3D printing technology in tissue engineering and cell culture is a relevant topic.3D Printing of PEG Hydrogel Scaffolds Using Novel Low Toxicity Photoinitiator_JenKem Poster

3D printing biomaterials require biocompatibility, porosity, biodegradability and good adhesion. PEG hydrogels meet these specifications, and in particular PEG acrylate (PEG-ACLT) derivatives are widely applied in hydrogel formation via photopolymerization. Currently, small molecule photoinitiators have a certain level of cytotoxicity, and low water solubility.

We have developed a novel photoinitiator (M-QTX) that exhibits good water solubility and low cytotoxicity. Using this photoinitiator, PEG-ACLT hydrogels can be 3D printed through stereolithography into well-defined transparent three-dimensional stereograms with low toxicity and good biocompatibility.

Please visit our 2018 SFB expo stand #1 for additional information on this exciting novel technology for 3D bioprinting or contact us for details.

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