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JenKem Technology Presents 3D Printing Poster at 2018 SFB

3D Printing of PEG Hydrogel Scaffolds Using Novel Low Toxicity Photoinitiator abstract from JenKem Technology was accepted at the 2018 SFB meeting for presentation in poster #540. With the introduction of the concept of biological manufacturing, the application of 3D printing technology in tissue engineering and cell culture is a relevant topic. 3D printing biomaterials require […]

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PEGylation Services for Drug Delivery Presented by JenKem at CRS

JenKem presented PEGylation Services for Drug Delivery at CRS in the Soapbox Sessions track. PEGylation is an established method employed to improve the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic profile of drugs. JenKem Technology presents several case studies centered around PEGylation of peptides, small molecules, and ADCs. PEGylation with JenKem® PEG products improves the half-life and solubility of the drugs, […]

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Applications of Y-Shape PEG Derivatives for Drug Delivery

JenKem published “Applications of Y-Shape PEG Derivatives for Drug Delivery” review in Material Matters™. The paper features applications of Y-shape PEG derivatives in the biopharmaceutical area, including applications for PEGylation of cancer therapeutics, antibiotics, antivirals, and cocaine esterase. You may read the entire article starting on page 90 in Material Matters™ issue 11 number 3, or […]

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