Please read carefully the following recommended PEG storage and handling conditions for JenKem Technology PEGs. For most PEGs and PEG derivatives, when properly packed under Nitrogen or Argon, it is acceptable to be shipped at room temperature. PEGs and PEG derivatives are sensitive to light and oxidation. Therefore, for both long time and short time storage, all PEGs and PEG derivatives should be stored under Nitrogen or Argon and in the dark.

JenKem PEGylation Reagents

PEG NHS Esters are sensitive to moisture, so in addition to the above stated storage conditions, it is important to keep them in dry conditions and at low temperature (≤ -20°C) at all times to avoid loss of activity. PEG Maleimide, PEG Thiol, and PEG Acrylates are very sensitive to light, so it is important to keep these products in dry conditions and in the dark at all times to avoid loss of activity.

For most PEGs and PEG derivatives, for long time storage, all the following conditions are strongly suggested:

  • Under Nitrogen or Argon atmosphere (inside the container)
  • In the dark
  • At low temperature (≤ -20°C)
  • With desiccant (outside the container)

When taken out of the storage for usage, the PEG derivatives container should be slowly warmed up to room temperature before opening. After usage, the container should be backfilled with Nitrogen or Argon and stored in the above stated conditions.

For PEG NHS Esters, PEG Aldehyde, PEG Thiol, PEG Acrylate, PEG Maleimides, and other sensitive PEG products, packing in small applicable portions will help to retain activity. We provide repackaging services for an additional fee, please contact us if you require a different smaller package than the catalog selection.