PEGylation Services for Drug Delivery Presented by JenKem at CRS

JenKem presents at 2017 CRS “PEGylation Services for Drug Delivery” in the Soapbox Sessions track.

PEGylation is an established method employed to improve the pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic profile of drugs. JenKem Technology presents several case studies centered around PEGylation of peptides, small molecules, and ADCs. PEGylation with JenKem® PEG products improves the half-life and solubility of the drugs, and increases the drug-antibody ratio for ADCs.

Please plan to attend this informative presentation and visit our expo stand 505 for additional information on our high quality PEG products for PEGylation.

To learn more about the applications of JenKem® PEGs we invite you to visit our website, and consult the references for individual products on the pages below:

JenKem PEGylation Presented at CRS

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