Biodegradable PEG oligopeptides are now offered by JenKem Technology as catalog items. Please contact us for custom synthesis of different oligopeptide PEGs of interest to your research.

Synthetic JenKem PEG co-polymers and PEG derivatives offer several advantages over natural biodegradable polymers:

  • Highly hydrophilic
  • Facile introduction of functional groups for drug attachment
  • Production of JenKem PEGs back-integrated to ethylene oxide raw material
  • Predictable lot-to-lot consistency and raw material sourcing
  • No immunogenicity normally associated with natural polymers

Please click below for more information about our catalog PEG oligopeptides:

Polyglutamic acid PEG Oligopeptides
≥95% M-PEG-GLU2 Methoxy PEG Di-Glutamic Acid
≥90% M-PEG-GLU3 Methoxy PEG Tri-Glutamic Acid

Methoxy PEG di-Glutamic Acid


Methoxy PEG tri-Glutamic Acid


Polylysine PEG Oligopeptides
PEG PRODUCT Main peak fraction (wt%) ITEM DESCRIPTION
≥90% PLL20K-G35-PEG2K, PEG-Poly(L-lysine), Poly(L-lysine), Graft Ratio 3.5, PLL MW 20000, PEG MW 2000, (Methoxy PEG PLL)

PEG-Poly(L-lysine), Poly(L-lysine), Graft Ratio 3.5, PLL MW 20000, PEG MW 2000. To learn about additional applications of these JenKem Technology PEGs, please visit our website.