Meet our China team at our expo booth the 9th BioCon – Antibody 2022, 9th PharmaCon 2022, 9th PharmaCon 2022 meeting in Nanjing, China, on August 9-10, 2022, to learn about our PEG and PEGylation solutions for antibody drugs and ADCs.Biocon China

As one of the key directions of biological industry, Antibody drugs continue to make new breakthroughs. With the continuous progress of technology, clinic and the turning point of commercialization, Bispecific /Multi-specific Antibody and ADCs has became industry focus as the frontier innovation field. However, we face concentrated targets layout, the homogenization of project approval, severe challenges of drug development, process development & scale-up and CMC strategic & compliance.

· How to deeply explore Biological mechanisms/clinical needs?

· How to differentiate target selection and combination strategy?

· How to better design/engineer molecules to improve efficacy and reduce negative effects/toxicity?

· How to deal with complex structure’s scale-up and early-phase CMC challenges?

· How to promote innovative drugs (XDC/Multi-specific Antibody…)?

and more.

Based on the above situation, BioCon China 2022, as the annual conference with the highest participation of Chinese biopharmaceutical enterprises, will provide higher quality, deeper level, newest topics of global antibody drugs which focus on Bispecific/ Multi-specific Antibody and ADCs. This conference intends to build a professional and high-quality platform for domestic and foreign companies to discuss policies, technologies, display products and develop businesses. Fully promote the development of the biopharmaceutical-antibodies industry!