Visit with our China sales team at JenKem Technology Co., Ltd.’s booth at the China Nucleic Acid Drug and Neotype Vaccine Industrial Conference 2022 to learn about our PEG products for mRNA vaccines, LNPs, and siRNA delivery.

A large number of new drug technologies have emerged in the field of biomedicine in recent years, and nucleic acid drugs are a pillar of the third revolution in biotechnology. According to statistics, more than 100 antibody drugs have been approved for marketing in the world, and many nucleic acid drugs are undergoing clinical trials or will be launched in the next few years. At the same time, with the advent of the post-epidemic era, the “big reshuffle” of the global vaccine industry is coming. Under the pressure of epidemic prevention, countries are actively seeking breakthroughs in various cutting-edge vaccine technologies, and the vaccine industry has become a rapidly developing industry. In particular, mRNA vaccines have shined in this epidemic, which has further promoted the development of the industry.

Committed to building a high-level professional exchange platform for pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, scientific research institutions, technical service providers, investment institutions and other biopharmaceutical industry leaders and pathfinders working in the field of nucleic acid drugs and new vaccines, deepening Academic exchanges and industrialization cooperation, meeting the needs of upstream and downstream industry chains, promoting the research and development process of domestic nucleic acid drugs and new vaccines, and improving the technical level, China Nucleic Acid Drug and Neotype Vaccine Industrial Conference 2022 will be held on August 18th- 19th in Wuhan, China.

We warmly invite you to visit our booth!