JenKem Technology now offers chromatographically purifiedHigh purity linear PEG amines
linear PEG amine products with high purity (≥95% by GFC)

Chromatographically purified (CP) linear PEG amines are low in reactive impurities, which ensures the best purity profile for your
downstream products

Examples of products are listed below, and other products
with MW 1kDa-50kDa can be made-to-order

Please contact us at for more information

Item Code Item number Purity by GFC
A3071CP M-NH2HCl-2000CP ≥95%
A3085CP M-NH2HCl-3000CP ≥95%
A3035CP M-NH2HCl-5000CP ≥95%
A3052CP M-NH2HCl-10KCP ≥95%
A3008CP M-NH2HCl-20KCP ≥95%
A3043CP M-NH2HCl-30KCP ≥95%
A3049CP M-NH2HCl-40KCP ≥95%
A5013CP HO-PEG2000-NH2HClCP ≥95%
A5014CP HO-PEG3500-NH2HClCP ≥95%
A5015CP HO-PEG5000-NH2HClCP ≥95%
A4015CP NH2HCl-PEG2000-NH2HClCP ≥95%
A4016CP NH2HCl-PEG3500-NH2HClCP ≥95%
A4017CP NH2HCl-PEG5000-NH2HClCP ≥95%

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November 2020