PEG Cyclooctyne Derivatives

These products are made to order in small scale for research purposes only. Please contact us to learn more.


Click reactions are quantitative, rapid, have high efficiency, stereo selectivity, and few or no by-products under mild reaction conditions. The traditional click reaction refers to azide and 1,3-dipole ring addition reaction with the catalyst copper(Ⅰ). As known, copper(I) is cytotoxic and it can damage red blood cells which makes the traditional click reaction limited in its use in biomedical applications.

As early as 1961, the publication “Zur Existenz Niedergliedriger Cycloalkine, I and II” mentioned the phenyl azide and cycloalkines reacting without the need for a Copper(Ⅰ) catalyst. However, most of the cyclooctyne reagents do not have good water solubility, which limits their applications in biomedicine.

JenKem Technology patented a series of polyethylene glycol-cyclooctyne derivatives which react with azide without copper(I) catalyst, thus making the post-processing very simple and eliminating the cytotoxicity issues of the traditional click chemistry. JenKem® PEG-cyclooctynes have good water solubility and biocompatibility. Polyethylene glycol derivatives are widely used in polypeptide, protein and drug delivery to prolong half-life, and reduce immunogenicity and toxicity; either in combination with a drug molecule via PEGylation, or as part of hydrogels.

Advantages of Novel PEG Cyclooctyne Derivatives for Click Chemistry

Novel polyethylene glycol DBCO (Dibenzocyclooctyne) derivatives

React with azide without Copper(I) catalyst

No cytotoxicity issues like those associated with traditional click chemistry

Good water solubility and biocompatibility

Applications in drug delivery to prolong half-life, and reduce drug immunogenicity and toxicity

Multiarm PEG-cyclooctynes available, useful for hydrogel formation

These products are made to order in small scale for research purposes only. Please contact us to learn more about our large selection of PEG DBCO products.

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